Rescue and Sanitation – one remarkable pet- and human-safe option

Rescue and sanitation are not often discussed together, yet sanitation protocols in rescue are vital to save lives and control the spread of disease vectors.

Even though Lend A Helping Paw Shih Tzu Rescue is a foster-based organization, many of our foster families observe sanitation standards applicable to veterinary clinics, kennels and shelters within their homes.

Our intakes often have uncertain pasts and may be carriers of bacterial, viral or fungal pathogens such as Bordetella, parvo, MRSA, canine influenza etc. Without proper quarantine and cleaning protocols, transmission of disease is almost inevitable. In addition, environmental contamination becomes an issue if the intakes test positive for worms, giardia, or coccidia.

We use products with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® technology on all surfaces indoors and to supplement manually picking up any contaminated feces outdoors. These odorless products are marketed as safe for humans and animals, and in addition to being potent cleaners, can be used to effectively sanitize or disinfect. They are designed to decompose to water and oxygen without leaving behind harmful residue. Depending on the usage, we use different dilutions.