Harassment by the Animal Advocate Extraordinaire, Canine Nutritionist par excellence and Rescue Queen and squad

Let it be known to the public that:

1. On December 12, 2023, our attorney sent a legal hold notice to one who shall not be named (hereinafter referred to as individual #1) to preserve all evidence relating to their continual harassment and defamation of our founder and rescue organization. The preservation of evidence relates to Messenger messages of any type, phone records, voicemail, emails, texts, Facebook posts among others, between individual #1 and their squad of flying monkeys who has played a role in harassing and stalking us since 2020.

2. Our founder is being harassed and blackmailed by text from 517-37x-2xxx with threatening, menacing, and intimidating messages intended to cause emotional distress. There have also been voicemails that the wireless service provider can substantiate. Examples of text messages include “I will come after you”, “You will be sorry”, “I can create trouble for you”. We know this person’s (hereinafter individual #2) identity as well as other pertinent information, such as their state registration/ licensing number for their occupation. They are apparently “friends” with individual #1.

All information relating to this matter, including circumstances and to the extent possible, actual individuals involved (including the “Real Housewives of Chicago”, many of the same protagonists as the Facebook saga of a dog named LilBoo, “trusted rescuer”,  and more…) will also be posted publicly on our website on this page, and updated over time. Our Board of Directors has voted to make public the evidence in our possession from 2018 onward that support our claim of continual harassment not only by individual #1, but also the repeated online stalking and harassment by their squad of flying monkeys who has been feeding the paranoia and hysteria of individual #1 since 2020, even as these people collectively pretend to be above drama and the victims. This phenomenon may be what is called obsession or hyperfixation. Context is everything!

In the coming weeks, we will be steadily uploading to our website Messenger messages, call logs, emails, cease and desist letters, reviews to substantiate who harassed and defamed whom. It is our expectation that our harassers will in turn finally share not only actual proof of how they have allegedly been harassed by us (to date, as is their custom, all they have been doing is running their mouth with nary any actual supporting evidence), but also all communication between them and all social media posts relating to this matter including the Facebook post at this link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02mzQG8esqfneimifHbLCWkHVuqERTop4QUauMxVYxNtExTw7eTZ9nhMAfiw6qpUFel&id=1472239660&mibextid=Nif5oz

It will also be an opportunity for anyone interested in this matter to examine closely the propensity of the individuals in question to delete and hide information that casts them in a certain light, or present information out of context.

While pretending to “have moved on” and “taken the high road” to their “friends” and the public, individual #1 has continued to have unconsented contact with us through email (both to rescue and personal email addresses), texts and messages, all the while falsely claiming that we are harassing them even though we have not had any contact whatsoever with them. As mentioned before, we have yet to see any evidence that we/our people have allegedly stalked or harassed them. The answer is simple: there is none because our people are sane, cultured, civilized, refined and have real lives outside of social media that keep them busy. Not one of us is sitting on Facebook all day long, day in day out, obsessing about them of all people.

Individual #1 was explicitly notified by reply email on May 24, 2021 that we have no further business together and that further discussion is futile. Note that this person has not been officially associated with our organization since Dec 10, 2020 – at which time they should have ceased communication. The nonsensical email from them dated May 24, 2021 that we responded to to effectively request that they leave us alone follows other emails of harassment between December 2020 and May 2021. Subsequent increasingly deranged emails contain screenshots of all sorts of conversations of ours — public and private — that they claim refer to them; statements about their own leadership skills; their interpretation of the redtape of running a nonprofit – as Gen Z would say, delulu. In any case, for someone who is supposed to have moved on, individual #1 definitely behaves like a dog with a bone. We will also share a cease and desist letter from September 2021 sent to another “friend” (hereinafter individual #3) for defamatory statements made during a profanity-laden tirade in a rescue group Messenger that included our esteemed supporters and as it turns out, several of these same haters.

Further, we will share a defamatory review that has since been taken down but whose contents shed light over the common talking points of these people, as well as their baseless and most ridiculous response to our attorney – a cease and desist letter from them that reads like a confession with no actual evidence to substantiate their allegations, but for which we will happily supply our evidence supporting their harassment of us. As of Dec 13, 2023, individual #1 does not appear to have legal counsel, but it is our understanding that they are eager to go to court to show how they went from victimizing us to apparently suddenly becoming the victim in a situation they started and perpetuated despite their claim to the contrary. They have “several witnesses” whom we are keen to hear from.

We take this unusual step of sharing because:

1. the story so far has been one-sided and does not reflect what actually took place;

2. there is a crucial need to raise public awareness about armchair rescuers like these people in need of attention and adulation who create distractions and waste the precious time of rescue volunteers with their nonsense and projections of their problems and misery every single day in the rescue world; and

3. reputable rescue groups who value their dogs and volunteer time may want to protect themselves from these individuals so that they do not end up putting in a million-dollar time and effort like us for less than a penny’s worth. Fellow rescuers, spare yourselves the hassle. Stay away!

We know that our community will be shocked and dismayed by what has been going on because in large part, we kept quiet. After all, just because some spew out trash, it does not mean that we are in the business of digging through garbage. However, the stalking has been continual and it was high time that we address what has been going on, especially after we came to know certain sad facts about the dog of individual #1 that highlight their hypocrisy.

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